CSR Activities

Corporate Social Responsibilities

JLC visions is core value of unity, stability and development of the people not only from company and its subsidiary but also for the people of Myanmar. There are several business arms under JLC and each of our business subsidiary is actively contributing to social and economic development of the communities with core vision of the company. The term “CSR” is widely used nowadays but the concept behind the term is not new to the JLC and its people. It is our responsibility to benefit the society most effective with guidance of Chairman, Vice-Chairmen and Board of Directors of the company.


JLC has participated in environmental conservation efforts and social contribution activities since ______ The Corporate Social Responsibility of JLC is rooted in core value of the company and each one of the subsidiary of the company is actively contributing to society under following steps:

  • Monitoring and analyzing the needs and requirements of the society from time to time.
  • Formulate and recommend to management for suitable CSR activity.
  • Define the message and develop program.
  • Execute and evaluate the program.