Timber Forestry (Plantation)

For the better environmental protection and to develop green eco system we also have our forestry department and managing plantation in large area of land which we have total around 13000 acres currently in Five different plantation areas. For our forestry management, we are intending and trying to operate according to the rules and regulations of Myanmar government and the principles and criteria of Forest Stewardship Council in the future in order to have protecting forest for our generations. We are trying to promote environmentally sound, socially benefit and economically prosperous in the future forest management. Planted species – Teak, Pyinkado, Padauk, Yinnmar,Thinwin, Eucalyptus, Mahogany. To balance the ecological environment, our JL has also put the effort on afforestation with a total area of more than 40000 acres and looking forward to expand the plantation area in future.